ECS Consultants are able to offer a sympathetic and expert approach to the building services elements of the restoration and modernisation of historic and listed buildings.

Heritage buildings by their nature are not necessarily designed for today’s needs or for the heat and power loads of modern equipment. Such buildings are also often located in sensitive environmental areas. Our approach is to understand the concerns of the planners and the needs of the building users and then address any issues by applying sound engineering practices and techniques.

ECS specialise in the modernisation of utilities within heritage buildings. We can assist with issues such as the relocation of boiler plants to maximise usable space and the upgrading of services such as lighting, emergency lighting, emergency power as well as fire detection, suppression and alarm systems to meet present day codes and regulations.

The routing of services within listed buildings can be problematic, especially if the interior is also listed. Therefore, where necessary, ECS will liaise closely with English Heritage to ensure that any modification to a listed building has their full approval before work commences. Services such as decorative lighting, lighting protection and security systems which have a visual impact on the building will also require approval from English Heritage.

Building work is often carried out whilst the building is occupied. We understand the needs of the building operators and will plan and liaise with the contractor to ensure minimal disruption to the day to day running of the building.

The installation of modern heating and ventilation systems, including air conditioning, creates particular challenges with respect to heritage buildings, both internally and externally. ECS have specific expertise in designing and planning the installation of air conditioning plant into historic buildings without outwardly changing the external or internal appearance of the building. Conducting major works in environmentally sensitive and crowded areas also requires specialist expertise, which we are able to provide.

Planning and approvals for work on historic buildings is a key priority. ECS, with our knowledge and experience of relevant planning regulations, can provide an effective route map to navigate the project through the planning process.

Octagon Hall, Buxton Pavilion Gardens

Grove End Road, St. John’s Wood, London

Knowsley Hall, Liverpool

The Ainscow Hotel, Manchester

Oaklands, Jersey, Channel Islands