Leisure, Hospitality and Recreation

Our experience in the leisure and hospitality industry (in particular, working hotels) has evolved to a level where ECS are now commissioned directly by a number of major leisure operators at the very early stages of their project planning.

Maximise efficiency, minimise disruption

Particular expertise has been demonstrated in planning projects to be carried out in customer-occupied buildings, allowing the operator to continue trading, almost without disruption.

The phasing of works in hotel rooms, for example, allow them to be worked on immediately after check out, with works completed in time for housekeeping to prepare the room for occupancy by late afternoon.

In order to achieve these client led goals, ECS produce practical and workable design solutions including, where necessary, temporary work-arounds to ensure that the the business can continue to function at near normal capacity throughout the project.

The Ainscow Hotel, Manchester

The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

The Marriot Hotel, Solihull

Bewsey and Dallam Community Hub

Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub