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Commercial Project

Jupiter Drive, Chester

This specialist defence laboratory deals with Laser systems and includes a Laser test firing range.

ECS followed a strict brief designing close control heating, cooling and humidity control via a bespoke air handling plant.

All lighting had a zero ultra-violet component and were designed for task areas in a complete black out that extended to the inside of duct work and plenum boxes behind grilles.

All entrances to laboratories had air locked doors. These doors were interlocked with laser firing equipment. All laboratories were complete with external warning illuminated signs, interlocked with laboratory doors. ECS designed specialist power supplies simulating Military Aircraft and Warship supplies. During final fit out, ECS dealt extensively with the client staff to ensure final project delivery.

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Project Overview Laser Test Firing Laboratories and Offices
Key Aspects Laser Equipment access interlock system
Overall project value £1,200,000
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