Sally Salon Services, Blackburn

This distribution centre included within it the construction of a three storey picking tower with conveyor connectivity to packaging areas.

The product size did not lend itself to the design of in-rack sprinklers, the alternative solution was to use ESFR (Drencher sprinkler heads) installed at roof level.

This system was designed in line with American Federal Mutual Standards and included standby generation.

As the product storage incorporated peroxide chemicals, a bund wall was constructed to hold all discharge sprinkler water. The sprinkler system was interlinked with automatic shut-off valves to prevent foul water going to drain.
The office complex included a data centre, complete with a gas discharge fire extinguishing system. Cooling was designed with 100% back up and a critical alarm level linked to a BMS system so that, in the event of air conditioning failure, this will automatically initiate the ordered shut down of all data systems.