St Joseph’s RC Primary, Christchurch

This scheme involved the removal of existing electric panel and storage heaters and replacement with a wet heating system.

Logistics were the key to the project success. ECS agreed with the school at an initial design meeting that a week by week programme of activity would minimise any disruption to the running of the school.

ECS had, prior to this initial meeting, applied for the new gas service. The scheme included fitting out an existing store room as a plant room during the last half of the summer term.

During this period diamond drilled holes were cut through walls within the school and the existing panel heaters removed. These works were undertaken at the end of the school day.

During the final week of the summer term key items of equipment were packed away so that as the school term finished, the piping could begin during the summer holidays. All pipework, boxing in, painting and heat emitter installation was completed by week five of the holidays allowing a week for cleaning.

The system was then tested and commissioned in the Autumn Term.