Woodeaves, Chester

Nestled in the heart of rural Cheshire this self-sufficient home challenged ECS in terms of the client brief to provide a home that could be as self-sufficient as possible within budgetary constraints.

The result was a Smart Home, designed to provide maximum energy efficiency, utilising low carbon technologies. The project included a bore hole for potable water, ground source heat pump for pool and space heating, underfloor heating, air conditioning, full lighting controls system, motorised blinds, septic tank, a saltwater swimming pool and spa area.

ECS specified a common arrangement for the water bore hole and ground source heat pump bore holes to maximise savings on drilling. The user controls included a Trend BMS system that was linked to a KNX platform in most areas allowing common control units for lighting scene control, underfloor heating control and, where specified, motorised blinds.

The saltwater pool does not use traditional chlorination, thus reducing maintenance and water treatment. All foul water is taken to a septic tank and, from there, to a reed bed for natural discharge and treatment.

This project delivered an energy efficient, low maintenance and self-sufficient home to meet the client’s brief.